Building Insights

Welcome to the scalable, cloud-based energy management solution that keeps you informed while putting full control of multiple sites at your fingertips. Each day without the Building Insights solution from Schneider Electric is another day without the visibility and control you need for maximum efficiency.

The Building Insights solution brings your buildings to life and enables two-way communication that keeps you informed of what’s happening with your heating, cooling and lighting systems, plus relaying power consumption and critical operational details. Whether you’re onsite or away, you’ll be empowered to manage schedules, settings and respond to alerts across multiple sites with ease from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The result? You’re in control and empowered to more efficiently manage your buildings and optimize comfort for your building occupants – all while reducing energy and operational costs.

lt's time to start a conversation with your buildings.

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Features at a glance


Remote multi-site management


Global scheduling


Customized Dashboard


Events and alerts


Audit logs


Reports and analytics

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