Real-time monitoring and control of HVAC, lighting and metering across your entire enterprise, from anywhere, and from any device.

Local control and configuration

Manage your wired and wireless devices for HVAC, lighting and metering either on-site or remotely, for full control of the energy you use in your buildings.

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Remote multi-site management

The Building Insights platform empowers you to effortlessly monitor and manage your building systems in thousands of sites simultaneously – from anywhere and from any device.

Global scheduling

Whether you manage a few – or a few thousand locations – easily create schedules for individual, multiple or all buildings across your enterprise with efficiency and ease.


Customized dashboard

Choose which buildings and systems you want to populate your dashboard for real-time information and easy access, so you have personalized, streamlined management across your sites.

Events and alerts

Receive real-time alerts so that you know exactly when an “event” occurs, indicating your systems have reached a predetermined trigger point or experienced an unforeseen issue.

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Audit logs.

Achieve higher visibility and security with audit logs that track which users have accessed the system and what adjustments they’ve made.

Reports and analytics

Gain new levels of insight of your sites’ performance with usage trends and reports.


An end-to-end solution.

The Building Insights platform combines the latest technology with reliable hardware, a sleek user interface and cloud-connectivity to deliver a robust and scalable multi-site solution.

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  • Open integration with the ability to monitor and control HVAC, lighting, sensors and meters.

controllers and sensors

  • Controller, gateway and web server capabilities all in one box. Gain control of individual buildings with one MPM or network multiple MPMs for scalability across your enterprise

multi-purpose managers (MPM)

  • Sleek user interface with secure, remote access via the cloud

building insights platform